2017 update

It’s been a super crazy 2017 folks and I apologize for not keeping up to date with the Strategic Angler website. I am pretty active on Facebook and just recently started posting on Instagram to reach out to followers who do not use the other platform.

There have been quite a few projects this year including the release of the 6.5 inch Nautilus series, an update to the tried and tested Frantic series, and a brand new model in the works, also for a mid year release for 2018. Lots of work ahead! LOTS!

I just uploaded specs to the new Nautilus released earlier this year and will add more photos to the gallery for all the models. I also recently added some updated information to the dealer page which now includes Connecticut, Maine, New York and the U.K. Welcome to the family folks!

While being a one man operation has its perks, it also has its shortcomings. I will try to update this site as often as I can, when I can. I hope this informational site has helped you to determine what lures work best for you and find that the dealers listed on here to be just as helpful. If not, please feel free to contact me anytime!

Merv R
owner/operator Strategic Angler LLC

The Espada Series

The nESPADAew Espada series is a collaborative work between Guerilla Pluggers Cooperative, Japan and Strategic Angler LLC, USA.  The lure has been in development since June 2015 and made its official debut for 2016.


The first Espada series prototypes were initially tested in the waters of Cape cod for Big Bluefin Tuna by Captain Domenic Petrarca (Coastal Charter Sportfishing) and then followed up by one of our other Field Testers Captain Ed Nicholas (No Boundaries, Oman) in French Polynesia.  During this testing process, two versions were finalized, a floating and sinking model.   The Espada series features a proprietarily designed wiring system and a streamlined body to match the most seductive of baits in the ocean.

The Espada series is guaranteed to hold up to the biggest, baddest fish out there, so what are you waiting for?  Wield your weapon!


Strategic Angler custom lures have made important changes to its entire lineup!  This exciting news comes from the R&D and feedback from our clients and charter captains which is always our primary focus.

All Strategic Angler custom lures will now feature a horizontal tail loop orientation. The MIKROS series, released in January 2014, was the first to sport this upgrade. The WALKER & CRUISER series received this upgrade in April, and the FRANTIC series received its upgrade in October.

The horizontal tail loop showed amazing versatility with its single-hook (or treble hook) capability. The ability to use a lighter, single tail hook allowed for safer unhooking, reduces fish mortality from gut/gill hooking (compared to treble hooks), better casting and enhances the lure action.

Thank you for supporting Strategic Angler lures as we continue to offer the best possible lures for the discerning angler!

Stocking dealers- Northeastern USA

Here’s a current listing of stores as of June 2013 that carry Strategic Angler lures on a limited basis in the Northeast:

  • Tomo’s Tackle in Salem, MA ( www.tomostackle.com )
  • Powderhorn Outfitters in Hyannis, MA ( http://www.powderhornoutfitters.com )
  • Goose Hummock in Orleans, MA ( www.goose.com )
  • Inventory changes occassionally due to limited availability and pattern demand, so please give these stores a call to check inventory!