Customization… how it works

Customizing your lure can be fun and extremely rewarding.  Having a lure designed and created for you gives the lure a special aura, an ownership and definite connection.

At Strategic Angler lures, we have the ability to make your design patterns come true.  Adding your boat logo or your personalized name on the back of the lures (design approval needed), you will be guaranteed to have a great display piece or even a great conversation starter on your desk.


Having a custom lure painted in your pattern of choice also has great benefits.  Certain predators in certain areas feed on specific fish.  Now you have control on what pattern can be made.  Want a Hawaiian goatfish (oama) painted because the GT’s in your part of the world feed on them at certain times of the year?  Well, now you can have a lure painted like a Hawaiian goatfish!



How about a fusilier found only in certain parts of the world?  Caesio varilineata, is one of the predominant reef fish in the Indian Ocean, East Africa, the Red Sea and the Arabian (Persian) Gulf, to western Indonesia.  What better lure to use than that!




summer's bountyHow about a truly custom piece?  Anything is possible with customizing a lure.  Crazy ideas become novel ideas as can be seen with this basket of summer’s bounty featuring watermelon, cantaloupe, sweet corn and even bananas!





Note:  Special patterns require approval and extra build time so adjust accordingly!


Drop me an email regarding specific pattern requests and I will try my best to work on a lure that may whet your discerning taste!