Production History

A design process starts with a vision

Concept Sketch


PRODUCTION MODELS from 2010 to 2012

Colored Sketch

Models of prey species were caught (or purchased) and the design started from there. Proportion, coloration and other variants were taken into consideration when fabricating each lure. As a result, no two lures were the same.



wood master Once the initial concept was designed, a wooden “blank” was created using timber of the appropriate density. The blanks are sealed, ballasted, balanced and then tested rigorously for correct action. This process was the most time consuming because fluidynamics change from model to model.


After the correct action was achieved, a mold was created for the wooden blank and the first prototypes were balanced for consistency.




Once the prototypes function as planned, replication and production of the lure blanks were the next steps.




base coats

Some steps in the process included the application of holographic scales and base paint.  A minimum of 5 coats of polyurethane resin were applied and cured for over two weeks.  Hand sanding between coats ensured consistency and smoothness.




Once the perfect body was achieved, paint was airbrushed in layers to provide the utmost depth and realism.  Most models required the painting of the head and operculum area by hand in order to create a depth matched by none.  The lure was finished with Stainless steel wire, head and tail grommets and 300 lb belly swivel.


The end result was unlike any lure offered on the market.  Each lure differed from the next.  Only two things stayed consistent.  Attention to detail and the ability to land that monster fish!




With the rising demand of the custom lures, Strategic Angler needed to implement a production change to keep up with the requests.

In continuing the pursuit of perfection, Strategic Angler custom lures needed to create the perfect body that could withstand the rigors of even bigger, toothier fish.  This new body needed to achieve this without compromising the swimming action and finish.  Due to increased demand and obvious health reasons from pouring two part chemicals, Strategic Angler teamed up with a thermoplastics company in the United States and moved its blank production out-of house.  This partner company uses specialized equipment and has the production capabilities to create the company’s proprietary blanks.

After months of prototyping with key design changes, Strategic Angler custom lures has now upgraded all their lure bodies with a solid core high impact injection molded plastic.  The stainless steel hardware is also incorporated during the injection process, creating one of the strongest lures available on the market strong enough to resist body fractures during normal use and body rot.