Custom Builds

This is where anything goes!  I often receive special requests on endemic baitfish patterns and the results are always one of a kind.  Not all lures are inspired by fish however, as can be seen in the photos.  The collection of pictures below are from prior builds and for illustration purposes only.

Adventures of Mikros

Good things come in small packages.  The Mikros series is only 5 inches in length, but built as tough as its larger brothers.  Largemouth Bass or Schoolie Bluefin Tuna, no fish can resist the temptation of the Mikros.  Available in floating or sinking versions.

Frantic Conquests

The perfect mid-sized lure for fresh & salt water.  Measuring 8.25" (127mm) and about 90 grams, this lure presents itself as a mid-surface or subsurface swimmer.  A simple retrieve makes this lure wobble seductively in the water column.

The Walker/Cruiser Chronicles

The Walker and Cruiser series may look alike but they are complete opposites when it comes to their use and action.  Both measuring at 10.25 inches, the Walker series floats with a slight tail down orientation, while the Cruiser series offers a slow horizontal sinking presentation.